QCI Interpret for Oncology

Scale your comprehensive genomic profiling workflow with superior automated variant interpretation

June 28, 2023
Automating and scaling a comprehensive genomic profiling workflow can be a tedious and challenging process that requires lots of time and resources. However, an intelligent clinical decision support platform and on-demand expert support services can make all the difference.

In this webinar, learn about QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Interpret for Oncology, a clinical decision support platform that has been trusted to analyze and interpret more than 3 million patient molecular profiles worldwide. Unlike other commercial solutions, QCI Interpret for Oncology is powered by augmented molecular intelligence and offers in-software access to a team of variant scientists to assist you with rare or novel variant research, curation, and interpretation. The platform connects to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base—the highest quality genomic knowledge base in the industry—and dynamically computes variant classifications according to AMP/ASCO/CAP and ACMG/AMP guidelines. To help you further scale and reduce hands-on time, QCI Interpret for Oncology provides over 410,000 variant interpretation summaries that have all been reviewed by oncologists. This enables you to quickly build custom reports for your oncologists and their patients with the latest diagnostic and prognostic information, as well as biomarker-directed therapy and clinical trial recommendations.

By attending viewing this webinar, you will:

Receive a step-by-step guide of how to go from VCF to final report using QCI Interpret for Oncology
Learn about the platform’s automated variant classification process
Learn how QIAGEN uses augmented molecular intelligence to enhance our expert curation process
See first-hand how to build a custom report with an opportunity to submit your own VCF file for a sample report

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