Case Stories

Dr. Kambiz Karimi about the comprehensiveness of QIAGEN clinical insight

443 views February 17, 2020

Dr. Kambiz Karimi, Curation Manager at Counsyl, presented data as ASHG which shows how...

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The importance of a good bioinformatics pipeline for determining TMB score

446 views February 17, 2020

Tumor mutational burden is an important biomarker for immuno-oncology. Dr Ravindra...

Case Stories

Dr. Sehime Temel of the Department of Medical Genetics at Uludag University...

340 views February 17, 2020

Trying to find the appropriate genetic variant without bioinformatics is as impossible...

Case Stories

Cystic fibrosis research at IBIS, Laval University

4,496 views July 10, 2012

Dr. Roger C. Lévesque from IBIS, Laval University in Quebec City, elaborates on their...

Case Stories

Colon cancer project

4,043 views April 11, 2013

Prof. Sun from the National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine in Taiwan shares...

Case Stories

The Rubber Genome Project - Sequencing of the white blood of the world economy

2,508 views March 15, 2012

Rubber Genome, white blood, Draft Genome Publication, Malaysia, Centre for Chemical...

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JCVI: Drive your science forward

2,232 views October 18, 2011

JCVI focus on new cutting edge tools giving them the advantage to drive the science...

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Science as a Service by EdgeBio

2,979 views August 30, 2010

Director of Bioinformatics at EdgeBio, Justin H. Johnson, elaborates on the concept of...

Case Stories

Lupus erythematosus research by OMRF

2,013 views June 17, 2010

Researchers at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation elaborate on their sequence...