QCI I Translational

Take your genome research to the next level with QCI Interpret Translational

127 views February 03, 2023

Discovery of new genes implicated in hereditary diseases or cancer progression is...

QCI I Translational

Variant Calling to Biological Insights – A Lynch Syndrome Case Study

217 views December 09, 2021

In this webinar, we present a case study on Lynch syndrome (LS), a hereditary condition...

QCI I Translational

Understanding survivability in rare metastatic cancer using WES

435 views September 01, 2021

This webinar will discuss a unique study that used whole-exome sequencing to understand...

QCI I Translational

Identification of Putative Functional Variants in Claudin-Low Tumors

194 views April 07, 2021

Claudin-low breast cancer is a molecular subtype of breast cancer that is associated...

QCI I Translational

Preview of QCI Interpret Translational for IVA users

872 views September 03, 2020

See the exclusive preview of the new QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret Translational...