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The Human Gene Mutation Database: Empowering a Generation of Geneticists for...

929 views April 10, 2019

The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) is a manually curated, comprehensive collection...

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Better Care with Better Knowledge

1,109 views July 27, 2018

Are you sure you have all the knowledge to provide the best care? In modern hereditary...

Webinar recordings

Introduction to HGMD professional

1,991 views April 18, 2017

HGMD provides online access to comprehensive information about published inherited...

Webinar recordings

Clinical whole genome sequencing - Yes we are there!

1,292 views December 12, 2016

The webinar will be focused on the following: Discuss the challenges of clinical...

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HGMD: Rare diseases

917 views December 07, 2016

Learn more about HGMD on our website:...

Case Stories

Clinical genomic sequencing: Where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re...

1,459 views November 07, 2016

Presented by Dr. Josh Deignan, Ph.D., F.A.C.M.G.


HGMD: Mutation-centric search

1,171 views October 14, 2016


HGMD: Gene report

971 views October 14, 2016

Features and new releases

HGMD: Gain a comprehensive view of predisposing mutations

1,474 views October 12, 2016

This three-minute video demonstrates how HGMD can be used to easily and rapidly...


HGMD: Sub-categorization of data

1,212 views June 01, 2016

The Human Gene Mutation Database collects and presents a comprehensive list of...


HGMD: Mutation report

1,148 views June 01, 2016

HGMD, the comprehensive database on human inherited disease mutations helps researchers...