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Fast tracking clinical NGS testing with QIAGEN Clinical Informatics services

218 views October 15, 2019

Discover a simpler and faster approach to implementing clinical NGS...

Clinical and Translational

Increasing the efficiency of diagnostic odysseys

206 views September 16, 2019

Despite rapid cost reductions in sequencing technologies and an ever-increasing...

Clinical and Translational

Rapid and comprehensive NGS variant interpretation using web-based software

1,320 views December 12, 2018

NGS presents clinical laboratories with an ever-increasing amount of novel sequence...

Web seminar recordings

Better Care with Better Knowledge

1,160 views July 27, 2018

Are you sure you have all the knowledge to provide the best care? In modern hereditary...

Clinical and Translational

Leveraging QIAGEN's panel in breast cancer with Dr. Fergus Couch

1,157 views November 20, 2017

Dr. Fergus Couch of the renowned Mayo Clinic explores hereditary cancers and...

Case Stories

Identifying rare disease variants

1,817 views January 10, 2017

Dr. Rump, PhD, head of Molecular Genetics Group at the Institute for Clinical Genomics...

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Fast and easy identification of disease causing variants in hereditary diseases

1,548 views November 10, 2016

In this presentation, we will present our new one-step trio workflow, which...