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Clinician’s Roundtable: Interpreting genomic test results for precision oncology

May 21, 2024
You’re invited to attend the 2024 Clinician’s Roundtable, a virtual event where medical directors and oncologists will discuss how to better interpret genomic test results to tailor treatment strategies for cancer patients. As the role of the Molecular Tumor Board (MTB) becomes increasingly important in the implementation of evidence-based precision cancer medicine programs, molecular pathology labs must overcome challenges in genomic test interpretation to ensure maximum clinical utility of molecular profiling results.

At this event, hear from clinicians at leading universities and organizations as they present real-world case studies of how molecular pathology labs can improve test turnaround, standardize test interpretation, and deliver comprehensive genomic reports with personalized diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information for each patient.

The free-to-attend virtual event will consist of four educational parts:

1. Case Presentations: Clinicians from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Institute will present cases of how their labs have overcome challenges in genomic test interpretation.

2. Live Q&A Session: Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the clinicians questions about their experiences implementing precision oncology programs at their institutions.

3. Solution Showcase: In a brief presentation, experts from QIAGEN Digital Insights will showcase our leading Sample to Insight solutions for molecular tumor profiling.

4. Future Forecast: The event will conclude with a short presentation about how molecular tumor profiling will change in the next five years and how labs can leverage new technologies to improve patient care.

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