QCI Interpret for Oncology

FASTQ to final report: Ultra-fast workflow for CGP

July 21, 2022
As our molecular knowledge of cancer continually evolves, a new era in cancer care is beginning: comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP). With a single CGP test, we can interrogate hundreds of genes, using less tissue and increasing the probability of detecting actionable findings. Yet, one of the most difficult challenges of implementing CGP in-house is the downstream variant analysis and interpretation. One CGP panel can yield thousands of genetic variants. Analyzing these variants and effectively managing the data can be incredibly time-consuming and complex. Join us live on July 14 to learn how DNAnexus and QIAGEN Digital Insights are partnering to develop an agnostic, end-to-end workflow for CGP that goes from FASTQ to final report within minutes.

Learning Objectives
Learn how to create, refine, validate, and execute NGS analysis and interpretation pipelines in QCI Interpret—QIAGEN’s clinical decision support software that is preconfigured for the Illumina® TruSight™ Oncology 500 assay.
Learn how DNAnexus—the world’s most secure, trusted platform for biomedical data analysis—simplifies compliance management and minimizes the need for expensive hardware, additional IT resources, and advanced bioinformatics skills.
Receive a virtual demonstration of how to analyze an entire sequencing run in 5 easy steps using this workflow.

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