QIAGEN OmicSoft and Biomedical Knowledge Base

Knowledge graphs and more: Analytics-driven drug discovery using advanced biomedical relationships knowledge

July 19, 2022
High-quality biomedical relationships knowledge is the cornerstone of modern and innovative data- and analytics-driven drug discovery. Yet this knowledge is locked in thousands of publications and dozens of databases. This webinar will show you how to unlock this knowledge and use it to strengthen your efforts in data science-driven drug discovery.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

High-quality biomedical relationships knowledge: What it is and how to access it
Knowledge graphs and knowledge graph analysis
Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven target identification and drug repositioning using knowledge graphs and biomedical relationships
Disease subtyping and biomarker identification based on functional features
Target, disease and drug intelligence portals: Application development and data integration leveraging biomedical relationships

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to give your drug discovery programs a data science-driven advantage by leveraging high-quality biomedical relationships knowledge.

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