QIAGEN OmicSoft and Biomedical Knowledge Base

Human-certified ‘omics data to power drug discovery

February 24, 2022
Integrating external and internal ‘omics data is a key element of hypothesis generation, target identification, and biomarker prioritization when it comes to drug discovery. It is never as straightforward as it seems and usually costs more, takes more time than anticipated, often with poor results. In this talk, Joseph Pearson, PhD, from QIAGEN Digital Insights will discuss approaches and resources to overcome these obstacles and improve outcomes.

Participants will learn:
• Where automated curation approaches can leave you short
• Why data scientists spend most of their time not doing data science
• Where bioinformaticians and data scientist spend most of their time
• What is required of high-quality ‘omics data
• Example of high-quality TCGA data
• How to extend these practices to internal data structures

To learn more visit: https://digitalinsights.qiagen.com/products-overview/discovery-insights-portfolio/qiagen-omicsoft

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