Gene Variant Databases

Leveraging expert-curated knowledge from COSMIC and QIAGEN to avoid pitfalls, qualify candidate drug targets, and accelerate early discovery

March 13, 2024
The cancer drug discovery landscape is shifting. While research continues to grow in cost and complexity, the pace of development has never been faster. Biopharmaceutical companies can’t afford to waste time and resources pursuing ineffective or unsafe ideas.

In this talk, our experts discuss how biopharmaceutical companies can leverage key genomic, biomedical, and clinical trial databases to improve and accelerate cancer drug discovery while avoiding potential pitfalls. Through a series of use cases, attendees will learn about expert-curated knowledge from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and QIAGEN, and how to use these resources to better predict cancer-driving effects of mutations, identify available drugs that target specific variants, and accelerate indication expansion and repurposing of existing cancer therapies.

Learning objectives:

Examine use-cases of how to leverage expert-curated databases across multiple phases of cancer drug development.
Discover key applications of these databases, including determining the function, frequency, and actionability of specific mutations.
Discuss potential pitfalls and clinical consequences, and how to avoid them early with data-driven drug target and biomarker qualification.

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