Gene Variant Databases

Using COSMIC to predict, identify, and avoid mutational consequences of cancer therapies during early drug development and in patients

March 11, 2024
Whether your lab is researching and developing targeted cancer therapies or you are analyzing and interpreting diagnostic tests at the point-of-care, a critical part of your workflow is understanding the structural and functional impact of cancer-related mutations.

The Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer (COSMIC) is an expert-curated database encompassing a wide variety of somatic mutation mechanisms causing human cancer. Containing more than 24 million somatic variants with detailed information on mutation distribution, effects, and signatures, COSMIC helps users better predict the cancer-driving effects of mutations and identify available drugs that target specific variants. COSMIC continues to expand its utility with continuous updates to its Mutational Signatures, the Cancer Mutation Census, and Mutation Actionability in Precision Oncology products.

To illustrate key applications of these features, this webinar focuses on how COSMIC can be used to avoid mutational consequences in cancer drug development and to profile the mutational signatures of cancer therapies in clinical samples.

Through these clinical and discovery use cases, attendees will learn:

· How to evaluate genomic loci using the comprehensive coding and non-coding variant annotations within COSMIC

· How to integrate these variants with curated findings and summaries of mutational impact and clinical actionability

· How mutational signatures could be useful for clinical diagnosis and drug development applications now and in the future

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