Introduction to Phosphorylation Analyses in QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

October 05, 2023
In this training, we’ll introduce how you can analyze and interpret your phosphoproteomics data in QIAGEN IPA. Using an example phosphoproteomics dataset, we will answer questions such as:
• How can I format the data before uploading it into QIAGEN IPA?
• How do I set up the analysis?
• Which upstream kinases are implicated in the observed phosphoproteomics changes?
• What are the targets of a particular upstream kinase and how do their levels of phosphorylation change over time?
• How do the levels of phosphorylation change for proteins on Canonical Pathways over time?
• Which biological predictions trend in a time-dependent manner during the time course?
• How do the biological predictions from phosphoproteomics compare with a related transcriptomics dataset?

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