IPA Deep Dive: Generating Novel Discoveries in IPA - even when you don’t have data

March 16, 2023
Take a deeper dive into the discovery capabilities of QIAGEN IPA. In this training, viewers will learn how to:

• Leverage the IPA knowledge base to generate hypotheses regarding novel biological mechanisms, discover biomarkers and targets as well as design experiments.

• Generate interactive networks using genes, chemicals and diseases of their interest

• Search and interpret pathway analyses generated from public data (GEO,

SRA etc.)

• Study gene or biomarker expression across different tissues, diseases, cell types and

more from public sources

• Correlate expression of genes across the biological condition of their interest

• Generate survival curves for cohorts generated based on expression or mutation

status of a gene

Specific IPA analyses to be featured include:

• Network construction (with and without data)

• Activity Plot

• Pattern Search

• QIAGEN OmicSoft Land Explorer

• Among others

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