Accelerate R&D in New Cancer Drug Development: A Translational Research Use-case and Discussion

January 10, 2023
The paradigm of predictive biomarkers of therapeutic responses to drug intervention has dramatically transformed cancer drug development. However, as translational research on cancer drug development rapidly evolves, the ability to confidently and efficiently identify specific oncogenes and tumor suppressors involved in oncogenesis is becoming increasingly difficult.

This webinar will focus on the translational research applications of the Human Somatic Mutation Database (HSMD)—a somatic database developed by QIAGEN that contains extensive genomic content relevant to solid tumors and hematological malignancies. Available as a web-based application, this expert-curated resource contains content from over 410,000 real-world clinical oncology cases combined with content from the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, providing gene-level, alteration-level, and disease-level information including clinically observed gene and variant frequencies across diseases. Users can easily search and explore mutational characteristics across genes, synthesize key findings from drug labels, clinical trials, and professional guidelines, and receive detailed annotations for each observed variant. In addition, users can interrogate a bibliography of over 170,000 variant-specific PubMed articles and access individual summaries of alteration-type specific information written by Ph.D. scientists.

Viewers will:

Learn what content sources power HSMD
Understand how to use and apply HSMD for multiple applications, including translational research and pharmaceutical development
Examine a use case of how to use HSMD to accelerate research and development in new cancer drug development programs
Receive a complimentary 5-day trial of HSMD.

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