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Authenticated and reproducible cell line 'omics data

November 21, 2022
Have you ever tried to access the genomic profiles of cell lines before using them in your preclinical experiments just to come up empty-handed? Maybe you’ve scoured public databases for gene expression information on your cell line to find the reported genomic profile doesn't match the cell line data you recently purchased?

We understand that knowing the genomic identity of your cell lines is fundamental to the success of your preclinical experiments. Unfortunately, most publicly available sources have little or no cell line' omics data, leaving you to fend for yourself.

That's why we've teamed up with ATCC, the market leader in global biological materials and authenticated cell lines, to deliver you manually curated cell line ‘omics data from the most popular cell lines offered by ATCC. We've collected this data into ATCC Cell Line Land, our continually growing database of cell line 'omics data from both common and novel human and mouse cell lines, primary tissues and cells from ATCC. ATCC Cell Line Land gives you access to standardized, authenticated and reproducible cell line 'omics data characterizations which can be traced back to physical lots of cells in ATCC's biorepository.

Attend our joint webinar with ATCC to learn about and explore ATCC Cell Line Land, including:

The key limitations of public cell line data that drove its development
How we curate our data in the QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands framework
Why you can depend on the provenance of the data
The different types of 'omics data and metadata available
How it empowers you to plan and design your preclinical experiments more precisely
How to identify specific cell lines that express your gene of interest and those that don't
How to validate specific mutations from the literature

Who should attend? Biologists, preclinical researchers, bioinformaticians, data scientists

Click here to learn how.

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