QIAGEN IPA Explorer Training: How to get the most from our virtual biobank of transcriptomic data

September 15, 2022
Data generation and processing are costly and time-consuming.

Work smarter, not harder. Take advantage of our virtual biobank of curated, quality-controlled transcriptomic data.

QIAGEN IPA Explorer provides access to a simple, web-based gene expression database containing over 600,000 samples (human, mouse, rat).

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

· Examine expression levels across normal tissues (GTEx), cell lines (CCLE) and immune cell types (BluePrint)

· Visualize correlation in expression levels between two genes of interest

· Identify experimental conditions in which our gene of interest is differentially regulated

· Find out the mutation frequency of our gene of interest in different tumour types and patient populations

· We will segregate patient samples into high and low expressors and examine the impact on overall survival

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