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Virtual Roundtable: Data Curation and AI/Machine Learning in Drug Discovery Informatics Workflows

June 24, 2022
Pharmaceutical companies and researchers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to turbocharge and laser-focus their processes on potential drug targets for development. But this technology is only as good as the data that trains the computing algorithms, so data curation is imperative. In this Virtual Roundtable, we will look at what bioinformatics tools and expertise researchers will need for their drug discovery pipelines. We will take a specific look at approaches in data curation, including how bioinformaticians are collecting, harmonizing, curating, and analyzing disparate datasets.

Join us as we hear from four leading experts on the use of AI and machine learning for data curation to support drug discovery informatics workflows. Our panelists will discuss their own work, the methods they have used, and the new possibilities available to researchers in their fields. At the end, we'll have a live question and answer session featuring submissions from our audience.

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