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Identifying antimicrobial resistance from Sample to Insight

April 07, 2022
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) detection and surveillance is a high priority in healthcare and environmental settings for the safety of both patients and the general public. However, working with samples used for this type of monitoring, such as stool or wastewater, can be challenging, from the sample preparation to the sequencing to the bioinformatics.

In this 60-minute online summit, we will take you through a series of biological samples, including stool, wastewater and others. We'll demonstrate the workflows and characteristics of each, together with the answers and insights you can expect. There will also be a live Q&A session, giving you a chance to discuss your questions and use cases with our experts.

At this online virtual AMR summit, you will learn about:

Our kits for nucleic acid extraction from various sample types such as stool, sludge and wastewater
The importance of inhibitor removal during sample preparation
Sequencing workflows for AMR
Benefits of using hybrid capture versus shotgun sequencing
How to generate ShortBRED AMR marker abundance tables
How to associate and compare different metadata, such as sample type (stool, wastewater, etc.)
AMR alpha and beta diversity across sample types and how to determine the depth of coverage

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