Extracting novel hypotheses and insights from single cell data

May 20, 2022
Follow us on a journey of single cell data exploration. See how you can Process, Analyze, Compare, and Contextualize, your results to identify novel biological relationships and drive new hypotheses. In this presentation, Dr. Jean-Noel Billaud, PhD, will take you from data to biological insight using human single cell fetal liver data.

Participants will learn:
• Process: Which tools and workflows are best suited to process scRNA-seq data
• Analyze: How to analyze, highlight and identify cell types of interest
• Compare: How you can effortlessly compare and discover similar biology phenomena
• Contextualize: Provide context from other tissues and diseases to unlock hidden biology


Jean-Noel Billaud, PhD

Dr. Jean-Noel Billaud. Jean-Noël is a Senior Principal Scientist at QIAGEN Digital Insights. Before joining QIAGEN, he was part of Ingenuity Systems since 2008 as a staff scientist. Dr, Billaud holds a Ph.D. in Blood Cell Biology from Paris and did his post-doctoral work at the Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, CA). He previously worked at the Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego and co-developed a universal vaccine platform to target infectious disease, metabolic diseases, and cancer.

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