Systems analysis of cancer cell lines for drug target discovery

April 25, 2022
Cancer cell line models have been a cornerstone of cancer research for decades. Cancer cell lines profiling can be a powerful tool for the identification of genes’ alterations or pathways cancer-related and for the discovery of putative drug targets. This webinar will focus using Qiagen OmicSoft Lands and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis as guides for the selection of cell lines and translation of insights gained from cell lines for drug target discovery.

This 90-minute event will show how our platform enables scientists:

• Select appropriate cancer cell lines for a variety of applications such as drug discovery, precision disease modeling, understanding gene function in cancer, immune-oncology research.
• Generate hypothesis and test it in-silico to improve translation of insights derived from cell line models to the drug target identification.
• How to prioritize drug targets and profile phenotypic/downstream effects of drug action.
• Integrated analyses of public 'omics data and drug response phenotypes using cell line model systems

Our system uses millions of curated literature findings in the QIAGEN/ IPA knowledge base and the OmicSoft digital warehouse. The presentation is intended for both those familiar with Ingenuity Pathway and newcomers interested in learning more.

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