Cell Therapies- Demonstrating IPA on CAR-T and T-Cell Exhaustion

December 08, 2021
This one-hour event will show how our platform enables biologists to visualize signatures in omics data, relating it to disease mechanisms and therapeutic action.

Through a series of short demonstrations, we will explore how to:

• Identify signatures of efficacy
• Explore the regulatory framework of disease and causal networks
• Rationalize markers by automated comparison with public data sets
• Profile phenotypic effects such as T-Cell Exhaustion

Our system uses millions of curated literature findings in the QIAGEN/ IPA knowledgebase and the OmicSoft digital warehouse. The presentation is intended for both those familiar with Ingenuity Pathway and newcomers interested in learning more.

You may access the IPA trial link: https://digitalinsights.qiagen.com/products-overview/discovery-insights-portfolio/analysis-and-visualization/qiagen-ipa/

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