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Novel discoveries from public single-cell RNA-seq data using QIAGEN OmicSoft and QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis - July 29 2021

July 30, 2021
QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands and QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) provide a powerful resource for exploring curated pre-analyzed public single-cell RNA-seq studies and providing downstream biological insights for these data. In this training, we will review how OmicSoft Lands allows for the interrogation of identified cell types within public single-cell datasets of interest and subsequent exploration of their associated gene signatures. The biological context of these signatures can then be explored within QIAGEN IPA, identifying key pathways and their associated activity, as well as predicting regulatory molecules that could function as biomarkers or drug targets. In addition, the biological signatures found in relevant cell types can be evaluated through comparison with other pre-analyzed single-cell and bulk RNA-seq studies to explore the conservation of these biological signals.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Easily search and locate scRNA-seq projects of interest within QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands
• Determine gene expression signatures associated with cell types of interest
• Easily search and interpret pathway analyses of pre-analyzed single-cell studies within QIAGEN IPA
• Quickly identify and interpret key biological pathways and regulatory networks within QIAGEN IPA
• Compare the biological findings for a cell type to other single-cell and bulk gene expression studies
• Export results in graphical and tabular formats of interest

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