Automatically compare your data to thousands of analyses using IPA’s Analysis Match

April 25, 2019
Learn how to use the new Analysis Match feature to discover other IPA Core Analyses with similar (or opposite) biological results. Automatically match your analysis to your previous data and over 52,000 pre-computed datasets from OmicSoft.
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 Timestamp placements and descriptions:
0:00-2:15 Introduction to the webinar
2:16-4:17 Analysis Match concept
4:18-5:30 How Analysis Match datasets and analyses were constructed
5:31-6:25 What the “Lands” represent
6:26-7:00 Types of comparisons of analyses in the Lands
7:01-7:33 Analysis match “entities”
7:34-10:42 Strategy to create Omicsoft datasets for analysis
10:43-12:04 Example dataset used for the live demonstration
12:05-13:22 Overview of the IPA welcome screen and where OmicSoft repositories are located
13:23-21:25 Live demo: Analysis Match results
21:26-29:27 How Analysis Match z-scores are calculated
29:28-30:09 How Analysis Match p-values are calculated
30:10-31:20 How Overall z-scores and overall p-values are calculated
31:21-33:54 How to filter to get to a smaller set of results
33:55-36:56 Analysis Match “View as heatmap” feature and Comparison Analysis 36:57-39:16 Summary of the webinar
39:17 to end Customer Support and additional resources information

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