Network construction and customization with QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

May 02, 2024
This in-depth training focuses on effectively constructing a network, with or without a dataset (RNA-seq, proteomics, etc.), and easily modifying it – all within Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.

In this interactive training, attendees will learn how to:

• Construct a network from scratch or open a network/pathway of interest from their analysis or the Ingenuity Knowledge Base
• Effectively use tools present in the Build and Overlay menus to add molecules (genes/proteins, chemicals, metabolites), biological processes/diseases of their interest and more
• Modify the network (e.g., to keep only a specific type of relationship like activation, phosphorylation, protein-protein binding and more)
• Perform in silico prediction (e.g., if a drug, siRNA or CRISPR were to reduce the activity of a gene/protein, how will it impact the remaining genes/proteins/diseases in that network)
• Export high-resolution graphics or tabular relationships and make the created network usable in future pathway analysis

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