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Is your clinical NGS lab evidence-powered?

November 11, 2020
Is your clinical NGS lab evidence-powered? A step every genetic and molecular testing lab should be doing with sequencing data

Clinical NGS laboratories are currently facing multiple challenges: expanding test catalogs, vast literature, shrinking budgets, and increasing pressure to deliver test results faster, with greater detail, and pinpoint accuracy.

The good news? The demands that face today’s clinical NGS labs have a solution: evidence-powered clinical decision support.

In this free webinar, we will introduce a genomic variant analysis, interpretation and reporting solution that is being used by major labs and population-based screening health programs around the world, including LabCorp and Genomics England. QCI Interpret is clinical decision support software that accelerates variant interpretation and reporting by automating curation workflows, dynamically computing variant classifications according to professional guidelines, and generating customized, patient-specific reports. In the latest release of QCI Interpret, the software solution contains new interactive filtering features that enable users to rapidly identify rare variants, variants of high confidence, and variants predicted to be deleterious. It also contains a unique filter that leverages the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the most comprehensive collection of biological and clinical findings in the industry, to quickly zero-in on variants with known or inferred relationships with observed phenotypes and specific biological characteristics.

In the final segment, this webinar will introduce QCI Interpret Translational, the newest member of the QCI portfolio that provides rapid, evidence-powered variant annotation, filtering and triage for the translational research community.

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