Accurate and efficient interpretation with QCI Precision Insights

March 20, 2020
As next-generation DNA sequencing technology continues to evolve and become further integrated into routine clinical testing, the need for efficient and accurate clinical interpretation of oncology diagnostic tests becomes even more pressing. Standard sequencing panels are growing, drugs are covering more targets and pathways, and the expansion of the scientific and clinical literature has become exponential, presenting a significant challenge to laboratory directors and clinicians who need to understand the implications of the test results. QIAGEN provides flexible clinical interpretation solutions, presenting up-to-date drug approvals, treatment guidelines, and biological and clinical evidence

In this webinar, we will focus on how clinical diagnostic labs can accelerate test turnaround times and improve reporting capabilities for somatic sequencing tests in oncology with QCI Precision Insights. A professional clinical interpretation service powered by a world-class team of molecular biologists and oncologists, QCI Precision Insights translates molecular data specific to each patient into state-of-the-art clinical insights and country-specific therapeutic options within minutes. QCI Precision Insights has expanded its service to molecular pathology labs in Europe.

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Beate Litzenburger, PhD, Global Product Director of Oncology for Clinical Decision Support Software and Interpretation Services at QIAGEN
Sheryl Krevsky Elkin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at N-of-One, a QIAGEN company

Keywords: translational, somatic cancer, ngs testing, labs

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