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Introduction to the IPA Core Analysis

December 17, 2019

Learn how to view and interpret your Core Analysis results in IPA, which allows you to relate the molecules in your dataset to the body of information in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base.

Interested in learning more or trying QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis? Check out the QIAGEN IPA product page.

0:00-2:21             Introduction to the webinar

2:22-3:48             IPA Knowledge Base

3:49-4:56             What are IPA Knowledge Base “findings”?

4:57-5:41             Entry points into IPA

5:42-7:02             Types of Core Analyses you can perform in IPA

7:03-8:13             Questions you can answer with a Core Analysis

8:14-11:07          Statistical analyses used in a Core Analysis

11:08-12:35        Example dataset used for the live demonstration

12:36-13:43        Introduction to the IPA welcome screen

13:44-15:24        Core Analysis Summary page

15:25-22:35        Core Analysis Canonical Pathway results

22:36-23:31        Overlapping Canonical Pathway results

23:32-28:27        Upstream Analysis results

28:28-31:22        Diseases & Functions results

31:23-34:57        Regulator Effects results

34:58-36:16        Network results

36:17-36:50        Overlapping Network results

36:51-37:19        My Lists, My Pathways, and Molecules tab

37:20-42:31        Analysis Match results

42:32-44:57        Summary of the webinar

44:58-45:30        Upcoming webinars

45:31-end            Customer Support and additional resources information

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