Tips & Tricks: Finding a specific tool quickly in CLC Genomics Workbench

1,011 views July 20, 2016

Lizzy Sollars, PhD student, presents a tip for finding a specific tool quickly in CLC...

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Rapid and highly accurate end-to-end NGS analysis solution for detection of...

1,589 views May 31, 2016

Rapid and highly accurate end-to-end NGS analysis solution for detection of novel...

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CLC Genomics Workbench epigenomics tools

1,970 views May 10, 2016

Learn about our new epigenomics features for: Detection of DNA methylation through...

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CLC Genomics Workbench: New user intro training webinar

4,396 views April 27, 2016

Ajay Athavale, Sr. Scientist, presents this introductory training session in how to use...


Getting started

1,631 views April 06, 2016

Getting started in CLC Genomics Workbench.


Batch download sequences

958 views January 20, 2012

Functionality to batch download sequences and keep a sequence list updated with data...


Multiplexing Tutorial

2,858 views October 06, 2011

In this tutorial, Camilla E. Andersen, our Application Specialist, makes an...


RNA-seq analysis part I

7,978 views August 15, 2011

Creation of an RNA-seq sample and initial interpretation of the result in CLC Genomics...


Getting started

12,852 views October 14, 2010

Learn how to get started using CLC Genomics workbench and CLC Main Workbench. Get a...


Opening a DNA sequence

3,113 views June 28, 2010

A brief tutorial showing how to open a DNA sequence in the CLC Workbenches.


Primer design

5,831 views June 21, 2010

This tutorial will show you how to design standard PCR primers using the CLC Workbench.