Case Stories

Glaucoma Research in Japan

1,290 views February 12, 2013

Dr. Tashiro from Kyoto Medical University elucidates the molecular mechanisms of...

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Colon cancer project

3,237 views April 11, 2013

Prof. Sun from the National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine in Taiwan shares...

Case Stories

XSQ support

755 views December 11, 2013

Prof. Robert Donnelly and his staff at Rutgers use the 5500 SOLiD system for...

Case Stories

Genome sequencing of human pathogens

1,385 views March 12, 2013

By sequencing important bacterial pathogen genomes, Dr. Chiu, from Chang Gung...

Case Stories

Computational resources for NGS research at University of Pittsburgh

1,404 views December 11, 2012

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC use informatics and computing infrastructure for...

Case Stories

Center for Genomic Medicine - Rigshospitalet

518 views April 25, 2016

Center for Genomic Medicine works closely with the Phase I Unit, looking to decide...

Case Stories

The Rubber Genome Project - Sequencing of the white blood of the world economy

1,870 views March 15, 2012

Rubber Genome, white blood, Draft Genome Publication, Malaysia, Centre for Chemical...

Case Stories

JCVI: Drive your science forward

1,772 views October 18, 2011

JCVI focus on new cutting edge tools giving them the advantage to drive the science...

Case Stories

FABI investigating the genome of a fungus causing the pitch canker disease

2,197 views September 08, 2011

Interview with Dr. Martin Coetzee, Senior Lecturer, Department of Genetics and...

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Investigating ancestral polyploidy in plants at Penn State

6,040 views August 16, 2011

Interview with Dr. Claude dePamphilis, Professor of Biology at Penn State University.

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ARC establishes South African bioinformatics network for agricultural research

3,856 views May 12, 2011

Interview with Dr. Jasper Rees, Head of the Biotechnology Platform, Agricultural...

Case Stories

Using RNAi to regulate gene expression in cancer and TTR

3,311 views February 08, 2011

Head of Informatics, Greg Hinkle, PhD, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals elaborates on the...