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Solving hereditary disease trios using bioinformatics solutions for clinical...

668 views October 12, 2016

In this webinar Dr. Anika Joecker is going through the key features and benefits of our...

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Getting started with Biomedical Genomics Workbench - Part 1

705 views September 28, 2016

An introduction to Biomedical Genomics Workbench focusing on the basic features and how...

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Reference architectures for the QIAGEN Biomedical Genomics Solution

835 views August 08, 2016

The combination of the QIAGEN Biomedical Genomics Solution with the Intel® Scalable...

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Tips and tricks for performing RNA-seq analyses in IPA

2,633 views August 04, 2016

Learn how to upload and analyse your RNA-Seq data in IPA. Learn more about the...

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Identification of Potential Immune Targets in Controlling Endometrioid...

676 views July 06, 2016

A Sample to Insight approach to exploring the transcriptome in EEC: Jean-Noel Billaud,...

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Introduction to HGMD professional

992 views April 18, 2017

HGMD provides online access to comprehensive information about published inherited...

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Tips and tricks for performing miRNA analysis in IPA

2,134 views May 30, 2016

Learn about IPA’s extensive microRNA content and how to upload and analyse your...

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Sourcing multiple databases for NGS variant discovery

919 views June 01, 2016

In this webinar we reveal content and use of manually curated annotation databases...

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Integrating Morphology and Genetics

525 views June 01, 2016

POSSUMweb, HGMD®, and IVA allow you to combine genetics and morphology information.

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TRANSFAC: Promoter selection and its impact on differential gene expression...

997 views November 20, 2015

Presenter: Dr. Alexander Kaplun Date: 17-November-2015