Clinical and Translational

Cancer Gene Variant Detection Using a Pre-Optimized Sample to Report Workflow

57 views October 31, 2019

BRCA1/BRCA2 genes represent the best examples for our current understanding of the...


Comparing gene expression with other tumor types

409 views June 20, 2019

Subtypes of esophageal cancer are derived from different regions of the esophagus. To...


Identify and Visualize Gene Expression Differences between TNBC and other...

714 views February 19, 2019

SampleSets can be used to identify "signatures" that reflect differences between...


Create a SampleSet of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer samples

695 views February 19, 2019

Triple-Negative Breast Cancers can be identified in TCGALand by filtering for clinical...

Discovery and Research

Bjarni Vilhjalmsson on data to sample to insight workflows helping cancer...

1,293 views November 20, 2017

At ASHG, Bjarni Vilhjalmsson presents data on sample to insight workflows that help...

Webinar recordings

Understanding the circulating transcriptome with Advanced RNA-Seq Explorer...

1,677 views April 25, 2017

Transcriptome analysis of Kupffer cells after uptake of pancreatic cancer exosomes...

Webinar recordings

Whole-exome sequencing of bladder cancers and its application in precision...

1,272 views May 31, 2016

Presented by Clifford Tepper, Ph.D., UC Davis

Case Stories

Transcriptome analysis of Kupffer cells after uptake of pancreatic cancer exomes

1,697 views May 30, 2016

Presented by Principal Scientist, Dr. Jean-Noel Billaud, at AACR 2016

Case Stories

Center for Genomic Medicine, Rigshospitalet - The Phase 1 project

1,730 views May 19, 2016

Finn Cilius Nielsen and Lars Jønson at Center for Genomic Medicine work closely with...

Case Stories

Cystic fibrosis research at IBIS, Laval University

4,260 views July 10, 2012

Dr. Roger C. Lévesque from IBIS, Laval University in Quebec City, elaborates on their...

Case Stories

Using RNAi to regulate gene expression in cancer and TTR

3,847 views February 08, 2011

Head of Informatics, Greg Hinkle, PhD, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals elaborates on the...

Case Stories

Use your valuable bioinformatics staff for breaking new grounds

2,290 views December 09, 2010

Associate Director at ICBR, University of Florida, Dr. Bill Farmerie, says today's...