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Compare your data to thousands of analyses using IPA Analysis Match

143 views April 30, 2018

Learn how to use the new Analysis Match feature to discover other IPA Core Analyses...

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Interpreting the results of your core analysis

4,300 views April 30, 2018

Learn how to view and interpret your analysis results in IPA. How to focus on the Core...

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Formatting and uploading your data into IPA

5,644 views April 13, 2018

Learn how to format your own data and how to upload it into IPA. IPA can upload your...

Discovery and Research

The pathogenesis of crohn's disease with Ingrid Arijs

302 views November 20, 2017

Ingrid Arijs of the University in Leuven explores the pathogenesis of crohn’s disease...

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Introduction to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

10,797 views November 03, 2017

Explore how IPA’s knowledge and discovery tools allow you to relate the most recent...


Understanding the P-Value of Overlap Statistic in IPA

1,227 views October 17, 2017

Learn how to interpret your p-value of overlaps results in IPA. You can gain a deeper...

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Biologically interpret your RNA-seq data with knowledge-based IPA

1,346 views September 22, 2017

This webinar will provide an overview of how to analyze data obtained from QIAseq...

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Interpreting the Results of Your Phosphoproteomics Analysis in IPA

812 views May 19, 2017

Learn how to view and interpret your Phosphoproteomics Analysis results in IPA. Find...

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Understanding the circulating transcriptome with Advanced RNA-Seq Explorer...

467 views April 25, 2017

Transcriptome analysis of Kupffer cells after uptake of pancreatic cancer exosomes...


Part 1: Exploring your upstream analysis results in IPA

1,806 views October 05, 2016

Exploring your upstream analysis results in IPA: Identifying individual upstream...