QCI Secondary Analysis

Simplify your NGS secondary analysis workflow to 5 steps

August 24, 2021
As the rate and volume of raw NGS data generation increases, secondary analysis is becoming a significant bottleneck. The amount of computing power, storage space, security and regulatory compliance, and bioinformatics skill and resources required to keep secondary analysis on pace with sequencing demand is compounding.

Join this webinar to find out how you can simplify your NGS secondary analysis workflow to 5 easy steps using QCI Secondary Analysis, a new cloud-based service for NGS secondary analysis powered by DNAnexus®—the world’s most secure, trusted platform for biomedical data analysis. Scalable and workflow agnostic, QCI Secondary Analysis can be used with any NGS instrument and panel combination and seamlessly connects to QCI Interpret, QIAGEN’s platform for clinical NGS interpretation, to enable users to go from FASTQ to precision report through an integrated and automated workflow.

In this webinar, attendees will:

Learn how to create, refine, validate and execute NGS analysis pipelines in QCI Secondary Analysis with unprecedented speed.
Receive a virtual demonstration of how to analyze an entire sequencing run in 5 easy steps.
Learn how QCI Secondary Analysis simplifies compliance management and minimizes the need for expensive hardware, additional IT resources, and advanced bioinformatics skill.

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