Advanced IPA Training - May 2021 - University of Massachusetts

June 02, 2021
During this training you will learn how to leverage 500,000+ omics samples and 90,000+ statistical comparisons from GEO, SRA, ArrayExpress, TCGA, GTEx and other sources to:
  • Discover and validate biomarkers, 
  • Identify key regulators and targets
  • Study biological, pathological and drug-target mechanisms
  • Generate strong hypotheses supported by thousands of samples from public domain
Land Explorer for IPA can help you answer questions like:
  • How is a gene/protein expressed across different diseases, tissues, cell type and other groups of interest?
  • How does expression of target genes correlate with expression of other genes?
  • For a gene what mutation, CNV and fusion information can I get from TCGA?
  • Is the survival of cohorts different if they have high vs low expression of a gene or mutant vs wild type allele for a gene?
  • Which genes are expressed in responders vs non-responders for a drug treatment?
With IPA Analysis Match you can Identify curated IPA expression analyses with significant similarities and differences to your own dataset.  This let's you:
  • Rapidly identify other public datasets that closely resemble (or are opposite) expression patterns in your data
  • Visualize how key pathways and regulators behave across different analyses through heatmaps
  • Search and explore expression analyses curated from public sources (GEO, ArrayExpress, SRA and more)
For more information, please contact Nicole.McKiernan@QIAGEN.com

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