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Part III: Interpreting the results of your Expression Analysis in IPA

October 08, 2018
Learn how to view and interpret Expression Analysis results in IPA, understand your Expression Analysis, and relate molecules in your dataset to information in the QIAGEN Knowledge Base.

• Uncover signaling and metabolic canonical pathways enriched in your data
• Predict activation or inhibition of upstream regulators
• Find biological functions and diseases predicted to be increasing or decreasing
• Generate causal hypotheses
• Build networks describing potential molecular interactions in your experiment
• Compare your analyses to over 47,000 analyses created from public datasets


Minutes              Description

0:00-2:29            Introduction to the webinar

2:30-3:45            Example dataset used for the live demonstration

3:46-4:50            Questions we will address in IPA

4:51-7:43            Statistical analyses used in IPA

7:44-8:37            IPA welcome screen orientation

8:38-9:41            Expression Analysis Summary page

9:42-16:10          Canonical Pathway results

16:11-17:03         Overlapping Canonical Pathways

17:04-23:47         Upstream Analysis

23:48-26:37         Diseases and Functions

26:38-30:29         Regulator Effects

30:30-32:04         Networks

32:05-32:49         Overlapping Networks

32:50-33:22         My Lists; My Pathways; Molecules

33:23-40:16          Analysis Match

40:17-41:40          Summary

41:41-42:34          Upcoming webinars

42:35 to end          Contact and Support information

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