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Genomics guided precision medicine with QCI Interpret: Discover how easy it is to standardize variant interpretation and reporting in the clinical testing lab

June 28, 2018
Do you need a clinical reporting solution that is highly accurate, reproducible and standardized?

If you answered yes, we invite you to watch a free recording of our webinar that addresses one of the key bottlenecks of today’s clinical testing laboratory: producing standardized interpretation that is consistent among personnel, reproducible within the testing community, and in accordance with professional guidelines.

Dr. Beate Litzenburger, Senior Somatic Scientist at QIAGEN, demonstrates step-by-step how QCI Interpret not only automates
AMP/ASCO/CAP and ACMG/AMP guidelines, but gives you full transparency into the underlying evidence supporting the classification. You are able to interpret genomic alterations reliably and with confidence and deliver actionable test
reports to clinicians. Watch to discover just how easy it is!

Interested in learning more?

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