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Part IV: Automatically compare your data to thousands of analyses using IPA’s Analysis Match

October 08, 2018
Learn how to use the new Analysis Match feature to discover other IPA Core Analyses with similar (or opposite) biological results.

Automatically match your analysis to your previous data and over 47,000 pre-computed datasets from OmicSoft.
Learn how to:

• Interpret the comparison of the biological signature of your analyses to those generated from tens of thousands of publicly-available datasets.
• Quickly and gain greater insight into the biology shared with your analysis and different diseases, tissues, and cell lines.
• Obtain and critically examine hypotheses by identifying the analyses that have similar and opposite biological patterns to your own.
• Find unexpected insights into the biological mechanisms shared between studies.


Minutes              Description

0:00-4:19           Introduction to the webinar and Analysis Match

4:20-5:31            How publicly-available datasets were processed

5:32-7:01            Types of analyses results for matching

7:02-7:35            Types of IPA results

7:36-10:42          Strategies for creating OmicSoft datasets for analyses

10:43-12:05        Example dataset used for the live demonstration

12:06-13:23        IPA welcome screen orientation

13:24-14:28        How to filter for specific matches

14:29-16:34        How analysis names are structured

16:35-18:17        Considerations for making sense of results

18:18-20:06        Description of default columns in the Analysis Match table

20:07-20:48        Other metadata options you can include

20:49-21:28        Description of matching scores columns (z-scores and p-values)

21:29-29:27        How Analysis Match z-scores are calculated

29:28-30:11        How Analysis Match p-values are calculated

30:12-31:21        How overall z-scores and p-values are calculated

31:22-33:33         Filtering scores to get to a smaller set of results

33:34-36:57         View results as a heatmap and set up Comparison Analyses

36:58-38:15         Summary

38:16-39:17         TV Channel information and  upcoming webinar

39:18 to end        Contact and Support information

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